Dessert Specialist: Noemy

Jun 4, 2024 | Uncategorized

At Covenant Woods, residents look forward to the delightful and creative sweet treats crafted by Noemy, the campus dessert specialist. Known for her innovative and delicious desserts, Noemy is always eager to learn and experiment with new recipes, especially those requested by residents.

Noemy’s journey at Covenant Woods began 15 years ago, following a fellow chef she had previously worked with. When she first arrived, there were no sous chef positions available, so she started as a dishwasher while waiting for an opening. Her determination and passion for cooking soon led her to the kitchen, where she assisted in preparing lunch and dinner services.

During this time, most of the desserts being served were purchased externally. Seeing an opportunity, Noemy asked the head chef if she could create some desserts for the residents. The head chef agreed, and from that moment, Noemy’s talent began to shine. She started crafting desserts daily, quickly gaining a reputation for her mouth-watering creations that leave everyone wanting another bite.

Noemy loves the creative freedom Covenant Woods allows her when it comes to dessert selections. She particularly enjoys incorporating seasonal ingredients from the campus’s farm-to-table garden, ensuring that her confections are not only delicious, but also fresh and locally sourced.

From her early beginnings as a dishwasher to becoming the beloved dessert specialist, Noemy Orellano’s story is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and passion for creating sweet treats that bring joy to the residents of Covenant Woods.