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Embrace life. Age actively. Live well.

If you’re like most people, you don’t just want to live long; you want to live well. Embracing life and staying active leads to what experts call “successful aging.” It includes making healthy choices, staying connected with friends and family, being involved in your community and organizations you care about, staying curious about the world, and living with purpose.

Life at Covenant Woods is designed to set you on a trajectory toward successful aging. We make it easy to get regular exercise with fitness and aquatics available on site and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Challenge your mind with lifelong learning opportunities and make new friends with shared interests or pursue a new hobby. And, of course, eat very well. It’s your one bright, beautiful life and, at Covenant Woods, you get to choose how to live it.

“People who live at Covenant Woods aren’t writing their memoirs; they’re still on their adventure.”

— Karen S., Covenant Woods resident

Head over to Centerpointe, the hub of community amenities.

Located at the heart of our community, Centerpointe puts a variety of amenities within easy reach of all residents. Enjoy the convenience of an on-site fitness center with personal training and group exercise classes. Take a refreshing dip in the heated, indoor swimming pool and soothe your tired muscles in the whirlpool. Relax with a massage, manicure or facial in the full-service day spa or try a new style in the hair salon. Need to clear your mind and explore new possibilities? Centerpointe is also home to our community library, stocked with books in all categories and an assortment of daily and weekly newspapers.

Walk. Play. Dance. Run. Lift.

The Covenant Woods Fitness Center offers dozens of options to create your own personalized, multi-stage exercise regimen led by personal trainers experienced in working with older adults. Equipment at the center includes Life Fitness elliptical machines, treadmills, and seated resistance machines. We also have a fully equipped yoga and aerobics studio. You’ll find a monthly calendar loaded with group fitness classes and activities that encompass the many dimensions of wellness.

Try an invigorating, no-impact pool workout.

Swimming and water aerobics provide perfect low-impact, whole-body workouts that improve heart health, muscle strength, and joint mobility in a fun, supportive environment. Our aqua-exercise classes provide a high-energy workout with little to no impact on your knees, hips or back. The beautiful indoor swimming pool under a vaulted wood ceiling is always warm and inviting and can also be used for physical therapy after an injury or surgery. After a workout, the whirlpool feels like a soothing, warm embrace.

A large swimming pool

Stay Active and Engaged.

Our recreation calendar is packed with a variety of activities designed to inspire, entertain, and enrich the lives of our residents. Join us in a month filled with fun, engagement, and new experiences!

Take your pick of clubs, activities, and interest groups.

Meeting like-minded neighbors who enjoy similar interests and activities adds to the sense of fun and community at Covenant Woods. There are many clubs and interest groups that let you share your talents and experiences with equally knowledgeable, personable people. And the groups you join and how involved you become are always up to you. Following are some of the group activities residents enjoy. Don’t see something you have in mind? You’re always welcome to launch a new group of your own.


  • Choral Group
  • Creaky Crooners (men’s glee club)
  • Open Studio (painting)
  • Pencil Pushers (coloring)
  • Watercolor Painting


  • Golf Interest Group
  • Half Soles (walking)
  • Hand & Foot
  • Pickleball
  • Ping Pong
  • Silent Meditation


  • Billiards
  • Bingo
  • Canasta
  • Cornhole
  • Duplicate Bridge
  • Hand & Foot
  • Mahjong
  • Party Bridge


  • Clothing Repair Workshop
  • The Cloud Crowd (computers)
  • Computer Cadre’
  • Knit Wits (knitting)
  • Pottery Interest Group
  • Sew & Sews (quilting)
  • Temari


  • Dinner Group
  • Living and Laughing Out Loud
  • Lunch Bunch
  • Men’s Second Half Group (Christian men’s fellowship)
  • Movie nights


  • Book Discussion
  • Great Decisions
  • History Study Group
  • Investment Group

Challenge your brain. Learn something new.

When it comes to your education, there’s no finish line. Maintaining an attitude of curiosity and exploration over the course of your lifetime contributes to cognitive health and total well-being. Taking on new tasks, learning new skills, and participating in fresh hobbies helps keep your mind sharp, strengthens memory and recall skills, and boosts mood and self-esteem.

Myriad opportunities for intellectual stimulation are woven into the fabric of life at Covenant Woods. In addition to a variety of ways to engage with and learn from others through hobby and study groups and lifelong learning programs, Covenant Woods hosts the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions program. As America’s largest discussion program centered around the most critical global issues facing our country today, Great Decisions provides opportunities to meet in small groups, learn, share ideas, consider the past, and look toward the future.

Did you know?
All residents can participate in memory support programs.

While it’s not unusual to notice a modest decline in memory and focus as we age, if you’re concerned about early symptoms of memory loss or cognitive decline, you may choose to participate in some of Covenant Woods’ memory support programs, even while living in your independent living apartment home or cottage. One example is the Opening Minds through Art (OMA) program. OMA is an award-winning, evidence-based, intergenerational art-making program that provides opportunities for creative self-expression and social engagement for people with dementia. All Covenant Woods residents are welcome to participate, whether as artists or volunteers.

A view of the sun through the trees in the forest


Whether you’re a nature-lover, an angler, a gardener, or an avid walker or hiker, Covenant Woods’ 90-acre campus offers endless ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

A salad on a plate


With three distinct dining venues, variety is always on the menu. And with our innovative farm-to-table program, the freshest ingredients are a given.

A the campus farm


Our campus farm provides fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for our restaurants, but did you know it’s also a place where many residents volunteer, learn, and get to know their neighbors?