Creativity on Campus

Jan 30, 2024 | Press Releases

At Covenant Woods, creativity is displayed around every corner of campus. Recently, we witnessed the creation of something truly extraordinary in our community.

Enter Keloke Osias, a high school student at nearby Grace Christian School who became an important part of the Covenant Woods Volunteer Program in 2023. Initially contributing his time to the Fitness Department, Keloke’s journey took an unexpected turn when he found himself assisting in our higher levels of care. Driven by his passion for painting, Keloke expressed his desire to create a mural for the health care center. After seeing his portfolio there was no doubt that he was the perfect candidate for what would soon be a true masterpiece.

28 hours later the space was transformed with only chalk and paintbrush and without any reference material. Keloke’s work is considered ‘freehand’, a technique that requires imagination and inspiration. Captivated by his skill, residents sat alongside him as he painted, some would draw with him, while others simply enjoyed being in his presence to watch the mural come to life. His creation not only showcases his unwavering passion for art, but also brings immense joy to the residents of Covenant Woods. We are delighted to be a part of his growing portfolio, confident that his art will continue to inspire others.




Art stimulates the mind and encourages creativity. The mural was painted in a community room to promote social interaction among seniors, fostering a sense of community and reducing feelings of isolation. Another beautiful mural exists in the Memory Support neighborhood, painted by Jessica Davis, a Freshman at George Mason University, and the daughter of Covenant Woods’ Administrator, Carrie Davis. Her mural is a vibrant underwater scene that residents love to admire and serves as inspiration during art classes and other programs.






The joy at Covenant Woods is immeasurable as we witness the positive impact of our Volunteer Program, serving as a conduit for students like Keloke and Jessica to discover and embrace their passions. As we continue to be surrounded by art, woodworking, and various forms of self-expression on campus, Covenant Woods stands as a testament to the belief that a community thrives when individuals are empowered to explore and live their passions.