Covenant Woods: Creating Connections Through Cutting Edge Technology

Nov 9, 2021 | Trail Talk

Tablet on a desk

A new form of communication was introduced to the Covenant Woods community just a few months ago and has shifted the landscape for ease of access to information ever since. CATIE – Communication & Access To Information Everywhere, was distributed to the Independent Living Residents of Covenant Woods back in August. The cutting-edge information and communication tool has been an exciting addition to the array of communication channels at Covenant Woods. The CATIE device is created by  technology company, Status Solutions. Status Solutions specializes in customizable situational awareness technology and devices.

CATIE is a self-service tablet dedicated to each Independent Living residence, whether a cottage or an apartment, that stays on throughout the day and goes to sleep at night. CATIE acts as a digitized content deliverer that keeps residents up to date with community happenings. CATIE also allows residents to connect with each other and with the Covenant Woods staff. With the pandemic and the many unknowns that continued to follow it, a guaranteed form of communication and continued feeling of connection is a necessity. CATIE ensures that when information can’t be placed directly into people’s hands, it can create a sense of communication and engagement. 

CATIE is chock-full of information that is now at our residents’ fingertips. CATIE has become the go-to resource for all community material, from the event calendar to dining menus to community and staff directories. CATIE also entices residents to communicate with each other and even those outside of the community like family and friends. Each resident has their own unique CATIE email address that allows them to send emails, voice messages, pictures, and even video chat with those in the community and out.

Along with the communication features, CATIE also encourages engagement and entertainment. From fitness videos to solitaire, CATIE has become a multifaceted appliance. Using the CATIE device throughout the community is unique in many ways, but one aspect of this communication and engagement tool that stands out is timeliness; Covenant Woods can get information out to the residents in seconds, all with the extra asset of cutting paper waste. 

Covenant Woods is excited to watch CATIE grow, and everyone grow along with it!