Woodhouse Catering

Aug 12, 2021 | Press Releases

Woodhouse catering logo

The secret’s out; the food at Covenant Woods is something special! Since Fireside Grill has opened to the public, word is quickly spreading about the unique, farm-to-table menu. Now, Covenant Woods is proud to present its newest endeavor, Woodhouse Catering!

Beginning in 2017, the Covenant Woods leadership team had the idea of expanding the dining services to offer catering in the Mechanicsville area. Dining Director, Mike Scheff said “At that time, Covenant Woods received the Best Taste Award at the Taste of Hanover annual event for a specialty duck entrée. Our dining program was beginning to receive recognition in the community as being better than most area restaurants. Our CEO along with marketing consultants, board members, and Scheff’s team strategically decided it made sense to create a catering company. We could market to individuals and partner with the local community in a completely different way. Woodhouse Catering was created 3 years later.”

Woodhouse Catering is poised to present the Mechanicsville and surrounding area with brand-new options for special events. Covenant Woods will open its doors to host 5 separate event spaces ranging from banquet halls to outdoor gathering spaces. If you already have a location for your event, Woodhouse Catering also offers a full menu of options for off-site catering.

“Our entire philosophy is to not be the best at everything but be the best at a few things.  We want to focus on small weddings, partner with pharmaceutical and medical office representatives, local and county businesses, the Hanover school district, 55+ communities, and the hospitals. We don’t have an expectation to be a large catering company, but we do have an expectation to be a community partner and work with individuals as community friends,” said Scheff.